The residential program will take place on a purpose-driven 40-acre campus surrounded by the tranquility of nature in Calverton, NY. This bucolic setting, about 80 miles from New York City, will be far enough away to allow patients to focus on their recovery, while being close enough for families to visit and participate in treatment. The campus will include gardens, gathering areas, and amenities in a safe and comfortable environment. It is expected to open Q4 2019.

  • The campus will consist of six buildings, including a 6,000- square-foot Research Pavilion, a Wellness Center, and an Extended Stay area.
  • The plans include 80 beds – 40 for the 30-day residential program, 20 for the detox program, and 20 for extended stay beyond 30 days.
  • The main building houses an auditorium for hosting science and research symposiums, educational school programs, family support services, and other resources. It will accommodate over 200 people.
  • The Wellness Center will be host to amenities that complement treatment and provide patients with a well-rounded healing experience, including yoga, massage, a therapy pool, and a gym.  
  • The inclusion of the non-profit research center on the campus alongside the residential program will strengthen clinical quality and allow for rapid introduction of the latest SUD treatment discoveries.