The Wellbridge Research Center will conduct state-of-the-art clinical research designed to advance the treatment of substance use disorder. An important limitation of the existing portfolio in addiction research is a gap between research conducted in a laboratory or highly controlled settings, and the application of this research to routine care. Wellbridge Research Center, whose primary mission will be to generate new knowledge, will serve as a unique learning laboratory to accelerate the translation of basic science discoveries to actionable knowledge that will provide effective substance use disorder treatment. Research will inform every aspect of operations, with data collection starting at admission and continuing through several years following discharge.


At the start, the Wellbridge Research Center will have a collaborative relationship with Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. There are also plans to develop strong affiliations with other major research and clinical institutions in the metropolitan area. These affiliations could grow to include national and international organizations as the research center establishes its reputation as a leading scientific force in the discovery of new treatment methods for substance use disorder.