Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research will provide all levels of SUD care in a seamless continuum. Residential treatment will take place at our campus in Calverton, NY. Patients and their families will receive high-quality addiction, medical, psychiatric, and family services provided by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with expertise in addressing co-occurring disorders. 

Outpatient care will be provided at geographically convenient sites throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

Ongoing support services provided through apps and other digital platforms will enable patients and families to connect to a professional once residential treatment has concluded or as a complement to outpatient treatment. The digital app will continue the connection made in treatment and provide support to address crises, receive education, seek advice, monitor compliance, and perhaps even inform treatment based on behaviors and interactions.




SUD is a complicated disorder with each person’s experience being different. Individuals with SUD often experience medical and psychiatric disorders at the same time. This complexity requires a well-functioning team with a high level of skill and expertise to tailor the most effective treatment for each individual. Northwell Health brings an interdisciplinary team that includes psychiatry, internal medicine, family therapy and other services, to develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that address the complexities of addiction.